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Hi, my name is Jan Danihelka. You can call me "Opi".

You can take a look at my skills.


  • Interactive web pages, animations (jQuery).
  • Games (HTML5 Canvas).
  • Tools (Image2ASCII).
  • Online UML tool (Brain Architect).

Try some online:

Sheeps Maze generator Sand emulation Water emulation Cave (game) Paper world (game) Forrest Vectorization of raster maps Ascii to IMG convertor


Python 2.X, Pygame, Django, PIL, Flask, Python 3.0, TkInter, Py2exe, Pymunk...

  • Vectorization of raster maps.
  • Bunch of games (Opi-games).
  • Web applications (Django, Google App Engine, Flask).
  • Competitions in speed programming (PyWeek, GameJam).
  • Client-server communication (TCP/IP, UDP).
  • Simulation of life with genetical information.
  • Tools (Visualisation of path-finding algorithms, gallery maker, poker statistics).
  • Over 9 years of programming in Python.
Vectorization of raster maps Paper world (game) Simulation of life with genetical information Wrong Way (game)


  • Low level programming.
  • Games (SDL).
  • Client-server communication (TCP/IP, UDP).
  • Multi threads programming.

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